Going Offensive

This is my opinion...

I see training that involves civilians going on the offense during engagements. First off if your not LE or MIL this is not your job. Job number one if you're ever in any type of engagement is to DEFEND yourself and your loved ones. If you can protect the others around you great. If you want to go offense then, Join a Service (they would be glad to have a chat with you). Job number 2 is to call or have someone calm that is protected call 911. Be sure your your explaining everything you can about the situation because you are painting the picture for police to come to. You do not want to be mistaken for the threat and be prepared to follow every command that LE gives you. Job number three is to start treating casualties as quickly as the environment allows you too. Your last job is going to be able to explain every round you fired and the why behind it. If you have concealed carry insurance this is a great time to pull that card and let the lawyers talk for you.

Remember this is my opinion...

Stay Safe